Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Towering Destroyer Wraithknight part 1

So, to interrupt one project with another I present to you the beginning of my Iyanden Eldar ghost army. I decided to start up an Eldar army. For many years I had an Eldar army and they are my favorite race in the 40k universe and I love the melancholy sadness of their fall and their striving to rebuild what they have lost. I've always thought the Eldar models are the most beautiful that GW makes. I got rid of my Eldar army right around the time when they became good in the game and some of their best models came out. I feel like its time I got back what I lost and rebuild my Eldar. I have started big with the Wraithknight. He came out of nowhere when a neighbor of mine advertised him for sale/trade. So naturally I traded for him and immediately got to work on him the same day. I decided to integrate the new model into my love of Oldhammer and convert him to reflect a model I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with, if you are familiar with Armorcast. I love the old Epic scale knights and the Eldar knights were really cool. I decided the Towering Destroyer would be a unique looking Wraithknight so that is what I created. First is the original model, just in case you have never seen it.

Here is my conversion. The arms aren't in the same positions but I thought I would make it more dynamic looking to match the Wraithknight model.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Adeptus Tyranicus 004

The Carnifex is one of the most brutal of all Tyranid bioforms. But it is also one of the most common sights of any Tyranid invasion. Some of Magos Cath's earliest experiments were with Carnifexes. Because of both their savagery and the ease of obtaining viable DNA samples Carnifexes are one of the most easily produced and most reliable of the larger Tyranid organisms grown by the Magos. Of the various forms of the Carnifex the "Screamer Killer" was both the first and most encountered of all varieties. The Screamer Killer has been known to Imperial records since Tyran and continues to be a common sight on all Battlefields involving the Tyranids. Magos Cath has had great success in testing the Screamer Killer's abilities in battle against many different opponents and even the legendary bravery of the Space Marines has been sorely tested by these terrifying creatures.

I am fairly happy with how this model turned out. The only problem that I have with it is that I feel it looks too glossy. I broke my airbrush today and has to add the clear coat with a brush so I feel it went on a bit too glossy. After I get a new airbrush I plan to do a coat of matte over the entire model to dull down the shine a little. Other than that I am very pleased with it. The army is coming alone quite nicely and after I finish my Hive Tyrant I will do a small group photo.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Adeptus Tyranicus 003

Magos Cath has performed extensive testing on synapse creatures as they are the lynchpin of his efforts to create an artificial Hivemind. Without the synapse relays found within these creatures control of the "lesser" Tyranids would not be possible. But these creatures present a special complication as they are especially difficult to shield from the Hivemind. They require full shielding of the synapse nodes within the creatures cortex. Magos Cath's will is channeled through the synapse beasts into the other Tyranids in a synthetic Hivemind. The most powerful relay found within the subjects Cath has studied resides in the Hive Tyrants. Of all synapse creatures the Hive Tyrant has the largest and most complicated of all studied synapse nodes, but all synapse creatures are difficult to produce and control. The growth and implantation process for creating a viable Malanthrope is costly in the extreme so they are rare within the Magos Cath's growing menagerie of living weapons.

Here is my completed Malanthrope. Just like the Hive Tyrant I found the perfect bit to use as his head. This was an easy paint. A lot of drybrushing. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to paint this model in bright colors to contrast the rest of the army and to show its toxicity, but in the end I decided to use biohazard symbols instead. It just felt right for Mechanicus.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Adeptus Tyranicus 002

The second post for my Tyranid army is just a progress picture of what I'm working on now. My Hive Tyrant, Beast 01. I am happy with how the cables turned out and how well the head came out in general. I decided to highlight up further than I normally do. I get a lot of comments about not adding enough highlights to my models. I prefer to paint them that way because to me it looks more realistic, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I think it's coming out pretty well so far. I've also been told repeatedly that my pictures are too dark so I've made an effort to not darken them down anymore.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Adeptus Tyranicus 001

Magos Biologis Egrid Cath has been studying biological life for hundreds of years. It was only by a quirk of fate that he was not stationed on Tyran when the hive fleet first made contact with the Imperial world. Magos Cath, who was originally chosen to head the Mechanicus operations on Tyran Prime, was supplanted by his rival Magos Varnak in a successful political maneuver that would prove to be most fortunate for Magos Cath. After word had spread of the new threat that faced the Imperium from beyond the cold of galactic space Magos Cath became obsessed with this new form of life that was completely beyond anything humanity had seen before. He covetously studied every specimen that he could acquire for both Imperial and less official sources. Eventually he became the leading researcher of the Tyranid menace. Magos Cath has access to all possible data on the Tyranids and has even been experimenting on live specimens.

Magos Cath has developed a method of shielding live Tyranids from the Hive Mind and has used this technology to study the effects of separation from the Hive Mind on Tyranid subjects, especially synapse creatures. He has likewise developed a means of controlling several Tyranid species. Through various implants he has created a synthetic "Hive Mind" that he can control with his own will. Several field tests have yielded promising results and Magos Cath has also begun using gene samples to grow specimens in his biolabs. These specimens are more susceptible to control and have been engineered with increased aggressive tendencies even beyond those seen in most other hive fleets with the exception of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Cath's progress has not been without setbacks. On more than one occasion his forces have come to blows with the Ordo Xenos. Fortunately for Cath none of the Inquisitors who have discovered the truth about his Tyranid control experiments have survived to bring the might of the Inquisition to bare. There are likewise some factions within the Adeptus Mechanicus who would consider Magos Cath's experiments heretical and there would certainly be conflict if it came to light that he was working with live Tyranids within the confines of the forgeworld, but soon he intends to reveal his successes and show the greater Imperium the benefits of his vision.

I present to you my new project. A Tyranid army controlled by the Adeptus Mechanicus. I'm having a lot of trouble getting models for my Tyranid project since a lot of the larger Tyranids are currently unavailable. But luckily I have been able to get a hold of a Hive Tyrant and he will be my next conversion. For now here is the first Tyranid I've ever painted. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Cult of the Lidless Eye

The Cult of the Lidless Eye is a canker within the heart of the Mechanicum itself. Deep beneath the surface of Mars the Cult of the Lidless Eye excavates lost technology and experiments with new. The Dark Mechanicus of the Lidless Eye have been present since the civil war on Mars during the Horus Heresy. They venerate Horus as the Great Liberator and wear his symbol to show there devotion to the uncompromising search for knowledge that the Emperor attempted to curtail with his dictates against certain studies, such as the search to create a working AI. Because of the age of the cult few suspect that they are indeed Dark Mechanicus, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Monday, September 11, 2017

My first retcon

A while ago I created a large Dark Mechanicus model named Inquisitor Matthias Balthasar Harnak  . The model I converted was unfortunately broken while I was at work one day and subsequently left in a box in pieces. Unfortunately I could not find all his pieces so I had to reassemble him in new ways. With this new creation and my "new" army I decided to retcon his backstory, which I will keep for another model to be created.

Justinian Lorme was once a techmarine for the XIVth legion, the Death Guard. He was chiefly in charge of maintaining the mechanisms related to containment of the deadly biological weapons of the legion. After the Heresy Lorme's interests began to lead to the forbidden field of warp technology as well augmentic surgery which was usually left to the apothecaries of the legion. Lorme was no longer interested in simple machines and began to combine flesh with technology in disturbing ways. He also began researching the demon engines of the Dark Mechanicum. Now millennia later he has ascended to demonic heights for his contribution to Nurgle's cause. Throughout the millennia of the Long War Lorme has augmented his body beyond that of even the Death Guard plague marines physique. He now towers above those who serve him. His distain for the Poxwalkers often employed by other members of the Death Guard is shown by his chosen form of locomotion. Fit only as fuel for his experiments Poxwalkers find no place among his armies.